Guidlines for Using Colors - Background and Text Colors

Points to Consider

Tags to Change Color Attributes

To change entire document body text:

<body bgcolor="#9932CD"> Changes the background color of the document to Dark Orchid (default is Grey)
<body bgcolor="#000000" text="#FFFFFF"> Sets the text color to white, background color to black. (default is black)
<body link="#FF0000" vlink="#00FFFF"> Sets the link color to red, visited link (vlink) color to Cyan. (default: link is Blue, vlink is Purple)

Change Local Body Text

<font color="#FF00FF"> your text </font> Sets text between tags to Magenta. (default is Black)

Pair Color With Size Attributes in the <font> Tag

<font size=2 color="#A62A2A">your text </font> Changes text to text size 2, color Brown.

View a hex color chart so you know what color to choose.