How to Create a Web Page

Software Packages

Conversion Packages (convert existing files to HTML)

No package really does it all, you will HAVE to do some manual editing of your pages.

How to Get Your Content Up on the Web Fast

Convert your document to text only then save it with the file extension "txt". For example, "myfile.txt". Please note, however, this method won't allow the including of pictures or hyperlinks or background colors. Your documents are ugly, but at least they are there. Here is an example where this could have been written as a text document.

Another short cut is the use of the <pre> </pre> tags. All text placed between the tags will be displayed in text format, recognizing carriage returns, tabs, spacing, etc. AND you can include graphics, hyperlinks, etc. Caution, this tag disables auto line wrapping within tables.

Here is An Example

You can put in your basic headers:
<title>Your title</title>
<body bgcolor="#FFFFF">
<pre>Document body here, you can use hyperlinks and graphics within the tags.</pre>