Knowing the Limitations of Using HTML

HTML Does Not Do the Following:

HTML Does Perform the Following Functions:

  1. Supports multiple text sizes. <FONT SIZE=X> </FONT>
  2. Supports multiple fonts. <FONT Face="XXXX"> </FONT>
  3. Supports bold, underline, and italic version of text. <B></B>, <U></U>,<I></I>
  4. Supports multiple text colors. <FONT COLOR="#XXXXXX"></FONT>
  5. Supports background colors. <BODY BGCOLOR = "#XXXXXX"></BODY>
  6. Supports tables,the only way you can "fake" tabs and margins. <TABLE> <TR><TD></TD></TR></TABLE>
  7. Allows you to insert graphics, sound, videos. <IMG SRC="#XXXXXX">
  8. Has built-in graphics for line rules. <HR>
  9. Supports itemized lists with dots or numbers. <UL><LI>...<LI>...<LI></UL> like this numbered list.