How to Download a Graphic From Another Website

There are two ways to add graphics to your pages. One way is to download them off another web page. It's incredibly easy to do this. (However, you must be careful about copyrighted graphics, as you can get in serious trouble with copyright infringement.)

First Way

  1. Move your mouse over the desired graphic.
  2. Right click on the graphic.
  3. A pop up menu should appear. Select the option "save file as."
  4. Indicate what you want to call the graphic file.
  5. That's it!

Second Way

You can enter in the entire URL of the graphic in your <img> tag, instead of downloading it to your local area. Why do this? If you are including a photo which is being constantly updated, it's more efficient to point to the source of the graphic. See the tutorial on including images to learn more about the <img> tag.