Make Sure to View Your Website in Multiple Web Browsers

Before you submit, please view your pages in many different types of browsers before you make the page live. On lots of different platforms: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, just to name a few. Why is this important? Not all browsers are created equal. You don't want the especially nasty treat of a page looking gorgeous in Firefox and being unreadable in IE 7.0. Think this doesn't happen? Your nasty surprise is right around the corner, then.

Some Things to Watch For:

View Your Document in Netscape Without Having it "On-Line"

  1. For Unix: From the command line, type in "netscape".
  2. For Windows: Click on the "Netscape" icon.
  3. From the File Menu at the top of the screen, click on "File"
  4. Click on "Open File in Browser"
  5. You may now click on the file you wish to open or type in the name, complete with the directory.

Making Changes in Your Document if You Find Mistakes

Common Errors to Watch Out For: