How to Format a Table without a Border

<html> Opening Tag
<head> Opening Head Tag
<title>your title text</title> This text appears at the top of your browser, and is what is recorded when someone bookmarks your page so make the title meaningful.
</head> Closing Head Tag
<body bgcolor=#E6E8FA> Body Tag. Background color is set to silver, text color default is defaulted to black, link color defaulted to blue, visited link color defaulted to purple.
<hr> Browser generated 3-D horizonatal line.
<center> Everthing placed between these tags will be centered on the page.
<h1>Table Demo, No Borders</h1>
<hr><br> Horizonatal line plus command to break to next line.
<table width=95%> <table> is beginning table tag. "width=95%" makes the table span 95% of viewer's screen, no matter how much they resize their browser window.
<tr> Start of table row.
<td valign=center align=top> Start of table column. VALIGN is vertical alignment within the cell. ALIGN is horizontal alignment within the cell.
row 1 column 1 Cell text.
</td> Closing column tag.
<td> No alignment.
row 1 column 2 Cell text.
<td> No alignment.
</tr> Closing row tag.
<tr> You could use VALIGN and ALIGN here also.
<td valign=bottom align=left> Vertical alignment at bottom, horizontal alignment is left within cell.
row 2 column 1 Cell text.
<td colspan=2> This cell spread over two columns.
row 2 column 2 Cell text.
</table> Closing table tag.
</center> Closing center tag.

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