Lessons on How to Build a Website and HTML Training

Step by Step Lessons to Follow to Build Your Own Website

We have tried to break down building a website in to easy to follow lessons. Each lesson covers a different aspect of HTML and website building. Starting with "Limitations of HTML" to checking your site before you make it live. Hopefully you will be able to design a site for you or your business.

  1. Ten Things to Avoid in Web Page Creation

  2. The Limitations of HTML

  3. Creating a Web Page

  4. Example of a Basic HTML Document

  5. Change the Appearance of Fonts and Paragraphs

  6. Using Headers

  7. Using Ordered Lists

  8. Color Tags

  9. How to Build a Table

  10. Table Without a Border

  11. Table With a Border

  12. Creating Hyperlinks

  13. Adding Graphics

  14. Fun with Images

  15. How to Download Any Graphic From a Web Page

  16. Displaying Pages as Links

  17. Adding a Link to Your E-Mail

  18. Special Characters Chart

  19. Viewing Your Site Before Making It Live

Additional Information Using Color